Fixed Wireless

Rural wireless broadband, with profits expanding WiMAX or proprietary fixed wireless access coverage into rural or remote regions often involves extensive investment in network infrastructure or a high level of dependence on leased line operators, undermining the business case for operators.

If broadband is to truly be available to all, operators must be able to own and control their own network infrastructure, including the use of a flexible, cost effective, easy to manage backhaul platform.

Choose the Aprisa XE

  • High capacity, to backhaul even bandwidth-intensive applications, with low latency for voice as well as data and IP traffic
  • Long range, to help make a sustainable broadband business case for even the most remote communities
  • Carrier-class performance, for always-on broadband to even the most remote customers

Read our customer case studies to see how customers are using Aprisa to solve their connectivity challenges.

What makes Aprisa the ideal choice for fixed wireless / WiMAX telecommuncations operators?

With its SNMP-based management and ease of integration with existing network infrastructure, the Aprisa XE can be rapidly deployed to ensure a fast rollout of broadband services across a wide geographical area. Its low total cost of ownership virtually eliminates operational expenditure and provides operators with a profitable business case for rural and remote broadband connectivity.

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